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VX200 Печат

New High-End market Beuchat regulator integrating the latest innovations of first as well as second stages. The VX 200 has been optimized to give an incomparable breathing comfort.
Its streamlined and compact design gives the VX200 a modern and state of the art look.
On the technical side, many field tests were conducted for 300 bars application. The valve and the seat of the first stage were redesigned to get maximum efficiency. Beuchat selected specific materials and the valve and the geometry of the seat was modified. These specific changes were made to obtain optimal sealing under all conditions. These changes resulted in a superb functioning under high pressure as well as under low pressure conditions.
The second stage VX 200 is equipped with a new expansion chamber. Redesigning resulted in an optimized stability of the Venturi effect under all circumstances and conditions.
The VX 200 was field tested in extreme conditions (cold, current, fresh water lakes…).

Features First stage VX 200
• Balanced diaphragm 1st stage.
• Integrated anti-freeze system (BEUCHAT patent).
• 4 x 3/8 UNF’’ intermediate pressure ports.
• 2 x 7/16 BSP" high pressure ports.
• Optimal compact 1st stage.
• Large bore "Super Flow" regulator hose to improve flow rate.
• Yoke 230 bars or DIN 200/300 bars connexion.

Second stage
• Integrated anti-freeze system (patent).
• New geometry of the expansion chamber for improved stability of the Venturi effect.
• Diver adjustable VENTURI control by means of a lever.
• Diver breathing resistance adjustment by means of lateral notched knob.
• Larger exhaust valve for less exhalation effort.
• Anatomic bubble deflector with interior channel to control the air flow and deflect bubbles away from the face.
• Mouthpiece in hypoallergenic silicon.

Réf : 316 016 (Yoke)
Réf : 316 017 (DIN)